Thursday, February 24, 2011

On My Table Today...

...I have a potty chair and Christmas decorations. 

Not related in any way, but maybe eventually they will be...?
The only reason, for now, is because the table is the center of the house where all things random find their resting place.

As far as the potty chair goes....Brynn has finally decided it's time....words that are (or will be) music to my ears and also, a little stretch of my imagination.  One of her friends that plays here each day has taken the next step and I'm really hoping that his eagerness, quickly, becomes Brynn's. 
But, for now, the {clean} potty chair on my table is there for anyone who will use it!

I'm slightly annoyed with myself that I've accumulated a Christmas decoration pile that still needs to be put away.  As I do every year, and mostly out of laziness and sadness in having to take down "Christmas", I left a few things up that represented winter, and not just Christmas. 
But, after a stretch of spring-like days and definite spring fever, it is time....
kind of like potty chair time. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


....or Turn-On-The-Oven-and-Bake???

A day late, and a few degrees short....that's how today has panned out. 

Arriving back to the 'arctic chill'
(or so it seems to those who have spend the last 4 days basking in the 'sunny & 80's') has proven to be more of a shock than I imagined. 
My initial thought as I left the sunny elevation, passed through the thick blanket of clouds, and then descended into gray skies and dirty cars.....How bad could it be?  I mean really, I was just here four days ago, changing diapers, begging for a quiet naptime, and planning my 'day late' Valentine's Day treats. 
Four days, typically, doesn't bring about much of a difference from one day to the next in this household. 

Unless, of course, you have been kidless, snowless, carefree, and drinking wine among palms. 
I missed my kids & hubby like crazy....
But definitely could've used a day to unwind from my unwinding!

And those 'day late' Valentine's Day treats....yeah....that was the moment when I realized my mind was still somewhere between here and Phoenix. 
Trying to accomplish some treat-baking during naptime, I, like usual, overbaked my first batch of V-day treats.  Quickly and again, like usual, I switched off the oven and grabbed the cupcakes before they turned any darker shade of brown.
Batch #2 then went in.  I kept setting the timer for a few minutes and would check....and check.....and check again....and recheck....and couldn't figure out why these cookies were still not done.  
(Don't worry, it's not like this checking...rechecking....went on for an hour... was only about 35 minutes)

Lesson:  Plan a day of unwinding after any type of vacation before returning to the 'full' duties of mommyhood.......
...and make sure the oven's on. 


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"C'mon Evybody, Let's Poop"... one two-year-old so eloquently put it. 

(*TMI Warning*)

Have you ever had one of those days where all you can smell is poop? 
Where the scent lingers in your nostrils, and just won't escape...even with a fragrant lunch on the stove?
Yeah, me too.

In fact, it happens quite often 'round these parts. 
With six out of six kids in diapers, several (or on some lucky days, most) of the daily diapers are bound to be filled with it. 

So, I've decided (with the help and perspective of a two-year-old) that if you're going to deal with poop all day, you might as well make a party out of it. 
Similar to making lemonade out of lemons....but not really. 

As many of our family members know, Brynn often has a 'hard' time pooping, but is always persistent in her trying.  So much, in fact, that today, as she assumed her usual position, she muttered to her friends,
"C'mon evybody, let's poop." 

Hey, if I was going to spend a lot of time doing one particular thing,
I might want friends to keep me company too. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

No Shortage of Trouble, Just Caffeine

Well, Happy Monday to you too, Ben! 
A discovery I made after hauling the kids downstairs...not to mention, having just cleaned up the kitchen (including the floor) after breakfast. 
Don't feel too sorry for me though, it's not like there were two days' worth of old coffee grounds on the top of the garbage or anything... 
There were only 1 1/2 days' worth. 
I wouldn't have expected myself to remember at 9:30 last night that I didn't have enough of a coffee supply left to get me through my typical morning. 
I think that post-it note reminder was also somewhere in the heap. 
(Is there a coffee delivery service?  I'm not even kidding...what a great gig that would be! Takers?)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ready or Not....Here It Is

The timing couldn't be more perfect. After all, it is 2:48 am. 
The restless two-year-old is finally back to sleep and now at the foot of our bed (on the floor, that is...her preference these days).  The feverish and croupy fifteen-month-old is back in her bed (for the 3rd time) after being Tylenoled up and rocked a bit.  And, the tired mom is getting ready to hop back into her now cold side of the bed. 
Or not. 
I'm sitting on the couch, wide awake, and typing a first blog entry for this new endeavor I've been considering in the back of my busy brain. 

For a while now, I've been venting documenting my weekly (who am I kidding...they're daily) occurrences...pitfalls... incidences... adventures....(call them what you will) on Facebook. 
Since the wonderfully addicting, but amazing social media site is pretty crucial for one's survival (especially someone who socializes with two-year-olds all day), I hold those friends in the highest regard. 
So, for those who have 'liked' or commented on the humor of my adventures of mommyhood that I am so often posting about, thank you for tempting me to blog about it. 
After all, laughter is the best medicine...even at someone else's expense (.....kidding!). 
So, if my adventures (whether short, long, funny, sad, or disgusting) can bring laughter, a sense of relief or a feeling of relatedness (that is a word, I looked it up), then that is good enough for this mommy.

Most of all, I hope these {memories} will make me smile a few years down the road when my kids are 'too cool' to be entertaining their parents!