Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Like so many times since May 26th, my most 'recent' blog post, I've let too many moments pass me by.
Amazing moments.  Funny moments.  Bittersweet moments
Unforgettable moments.

There are also so many moments that I forget why I walked downstairs, can't find my car keys in my pocket, and start a conversation just in time to forget what I meant to say.  For this reason, among others, I've decide that these moments deserve a hard-copied that will not fade in the pile covering my to-do lists.  
I need a reminder on my most joyful of days and a refresher on my so-so days of
just how fleeting this time with my little girls truly is....

It really is quite amazing.  We've had a crazy, busy, awesome 6 months since I last posted.
Things have changed.  The girls have grown in so many ways.  We've had great days, long days, tiring days...all memory-filled and amazing in some way...
... and we've learned SO much more about what it takes to be great parents
A job that's continuing...everyday. 

So, with that, I write....
And I'll write.
 And it'll be so, so awesome to look back someday and share with our family
all of the amazing reasons, memories, and feelings
that contributed to the moments

"Your little hand wrapped around my finger.  And it's so quiet in the world tonight.  Your little eyelids flutter cause you're dreaming.  So, I'll tuck you in and turn on your favorite night-light. 
To you, everything is funny.  You've got nothing to regret. 
I'd give all I have honey, if you could stay like that. 
Oh Darlin' don't you every grow up, don't you every grow up, just stay this little. 
Oh Darlin' don't you every grow up, don't you every grow up...It could stay this simple."

-Never Grow Up, Taylor Swift

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