Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here Goes Nothin'.....

...but I'll be happy with a little something.

The back of my mind has been busy...lots of ideas and dreams, and I've finally decided to act on it. 
I'm excited...and absolutely clueless.

I've always loved dipping my hands into anything creative.
I grew up having more craftdates than playdates with friends.
I've enjoyed giving scrapbooks to others and have had the honor of creating wedding jewelry.
But this, my latest craft-loving activity, has proven to be my favorite...and for good reason.
I have two indispensible 'guinea pigs' for all of my creations.

Inspired by them...
 and made for others just like them.
So, with the encouragement of others, along with my own dreaming, excitement, and "What-have-I-got-to-lose?" attitude, I'm cluelessly stepping into the 'business world'...
hoping to clean off my kitchen table and sewing desk a bit. 
And hoping to get my creations into the hands of others.    
My Etsy and Twitter accounts are in the works...hopefully a successful first step on a fun adventure.

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