Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Battle Picking and Thinking Too Hard

It's been one of those weeks where my motherhood has been tested, challenged, and tried to the core
(or at least, that's how some moments have felt). 
Maybe not quite that dramatic, but my always-overanalytical mind has been doing what it's so good (unfortunately) at these last few days, and I'm exhausted!

Both lovely children of  mine have apparently schemed together in hopes of giving me a good run for my money these last few days. 
If one is not hitting another while slyly grinning at me, then the other is shrieking at the top of her lungs, only because I've asked her to use her inside voice....something my former students usually responded to; not so much the case with an almost-19 month old. 
As frustrating as their actions have been lately, I've been "reassured" that their behaviors are 'normal' and 'just a phase'...hmmm....not very helpful advice at the moment (even though I may pass the same on someday:)!

I worry so much about using every moment as a teachable one, afraid that if I don't react, or do react wrong that it will somehow shape or misshape my two darlings.  I'm always questioning myself and wondering if I've done or left unsaid, something that has caused their behaviors. 
Perhaps it's my own thinking,
rather than the girls, that is wearing me out...?!!
So, I've challenged myself (since challenge seems to be the theme this week), to let some 'things' go. 
I have to learn to laugh some things off, react in a consistent way, and still show 'em who's boss (as my own Mom so eloquently puts it!)! 

So now, if I can just master these challenges and get the laundry put away,
I'll be good as gold silver!

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