Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tales From the Church Pew & Other Good Things...

Like the laundry during Spring Break, I've fallen behind on blogging.  
One would think that during a 'break',
catching up on household duties would be easy to do.
I'd rather cram the laundry duty into my already busy work-day during any free moment I have. 

Speaking of Spring Break, it came...and went.  Fast. 
 Like it always has for our 'teacher' family.
But that's okay because summer is right around the {long, uphill} corner.
And plus, spring break was full of good things.

Good things like...
Visiting Great-Grandparents,
Playing beauty shop,
Enjoying the 'spring' weather,
Riding (in one way or another) in the stroller,
Keeping a close eye on Ben,
Just loungin' around.

But, perhaps the most important moment of our week together happened in the church pew.
I'm sure our family was rated at about a 5 out of 10 for 'our' behavior during the service that Sunday. 
As the pews emptied, we stayed behind to sweep up our Goldfish crumbs and crayon halves followed by scraping the stickers off the floor. 
Then, with our arms full of treat bags, jackets, and wiggly kids,
the woman who had been sitting a few rows behind us
 politely walked by smiling.
As if she knew in that moment the exact words that we needed to hear,
she sweetly reminded us,
"Someday you'll miss this."
And we will....
along with all of the good, good things that come with
raising two little girls.