Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Can Hardly Wait...

...but secretly, I can. 
From the time we brought our two little bundles home from the hospital in 2007 and again in 2009,
 I've caught myself saying many...too many times...
"I can't wait until (insert important milestone in child's life)."

I've always been one to look forward to the future in hopes of what it will bring.
I've also found this to, unfortunately, rush away very important things happening now. 
And I've promised myself, several times, that I would start trying to slow things down instead of wishing away the 'now moments'. 

But, I couldn't help myself today.
After Brynn's short nap this afternoon, we spent a little time together,
like we usually do...folding laundry crafting.
She has quickly, and thankfully adopted a love for doing anything
artsy and craftsy
(which makes this mommy very happy, proud, and excited).
But... it happened again today. 
I found myself saying,
"I can't wait until we can pick out projects to make together."
But, for now, we're both stay content with her practicing her cutting by snipping away at my fabric and ribbon scraps and modeling the products of mommy's naptime break. 
(Seriously, Mom. Are you going to make me try another one of these things on?)

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  1. oooh!! I'm loving the headband! I need to show you the colors for Emmy's Easter dress and see if you'd make her two matching somethings to go with her pigtails!!